Church Council News

Christ Our Savior was well represented for the Village Community Day event on Friday May 13th at the Community Church. Although attendance was rather light, we greeted all with a smile, answered questions, and passed out information about COS and the ministries we support. Thanks to LJ Blinn, Linda Anderson, Linda Burmeister, Pastor Brian, Bob Traum, Jeff Svoboda, Dennis Burmeister, and Chuck Anderson for representing COS. Special thanks to the Burmeisters for making fresh lemonade (almost everyone stopped by our display for a cup).

Our monthly Council meeting has been changed from the first Tuesday of the month to the second Tuesday. This was done to give the Treasurer and Financial Secretary more time to prepare monthly financial reports as several times during the year the first Tuesday falls very early in the month. Members are always invited to attend a Church Council meeting. If you have a special request or presentation that you would like to make, please let me know a week in advance if at all possible.

Everyone should be aware of the decision of our organist and choir director, Judith Bailey, to retire at the end of 2022. Judith has been a tremendous blessing to our congregation almost from the beginning more than twenty years ago. Although we will miss Judith at the organ bench beginning January of 2023, we are most grateful that she has given us more than seven months to find her replacement. Quite frankly, we might be looking at more than one person to fill all the responsibilities that Judith currently has. By the time you read this, there should be a committee in place evaluating the music ministry, updating position description or descriptions, and prayerfully beginning a search process. Information and help from the congregation are always welcome.

While I am speaking of staffing needs and plans for the future, earlier in May the Church Council invited a number of previous serving council officers to a planning meeting to begin discussions regarding future staffing needs of the congregation. This was an area identified in the COMPASS report needing attention. We will be addressing areas of additional staffing needs, as well as plan-ning for potential retirements of current staff. The congregation will be kept informed and offered opportunities for further involvement as the process continues.

Finally, as we approach summer there is much activity around the church in addition to our weekly worship and Bible study opportunities. Look for both fellowship and service opportunities, as well as additional information about the 25th anniversary celebration on October 30th.

That is all I have for now, but please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read this information. It is truly a blessing to be in fellowship and service with all of you.

Chuck Anderson, Council President


Last Fall we were blessed to have a team of church professionals (COMPASS Team) from the Mid-South District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod visit our congregation as a result of an invita-tion from the Church Council. The purpose of the requested visit was to ask for assistance with strategic planning for the future.

Early in 2021, after receiving the COMPASS report, we provided several monthly summaries through the church newsletter covering the areas of Finance and Facilities. The purpose was to share findings, recommendations, and plans to address those recommendations with the membership. We apologize that we have gotten away from additional newsletter reports over the past couple of months due to vacations as well as attention to other issues. That does not mean that information from the report has been neglected by the Council. In fact, quite to the contrary, we have continued to address areas that are essential to the ministry of Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church. We would like to get back to reporting on several additional areas that were addressed in the COMPASS report. This month, I would like to summarize observations covering our Leadership, not just the Church Council but all who have assumed ministry responsibilities.

Leadership – This section of the report is quite affirming stating that “Christ Our Savior is blessed spiritually, professionally, financially, and inter-personally.” The team was pleased that we didn’t request a visit to fix a problem but for assistance in future planning. We are not sharing this to indicate that we deserve a “pat on the back” but to confirm that we are on the right track.
Areas that were identified and encouraged included:

  • The willingness of leadership to Identify members with unique gifts/talents and encouraging them to make use of these gifts and talents to create new ministries. Oversight by the pastors provides accountability, yet freedom for ministry leaders to lead without being micro-managed. With many new members joining in recent months, there are always opportunities for new ideas. Please don’t hesitate to speak with one of the Pastors or a member of Church Council.
  • Members who “self-advertise” and market themselves to friends and the surrounding community. In addition, the facility is used by community groups as a means of attracting people. For example, Tellico Village Quilters as well as others.
  • Outstanding volunteerism in the congregation. We are blessed, but having said that, allow me to put in a personal request for additional interest in the Elders, A-V help, Altar Guild, members willing to serve on Church Council, and many other areas of ministry. The need is always present to help and often times to lead.
  • “The people of Christ Our Savior possess a true and genuine love for their congregation, their community, and their Lord.” As one of the Elders explained, “We’re about the Gospel.”

This summary has become quite lengthy. This article seems almost completely positive, but there is more to come. We will outline challenges for the future in several areas. Over the next couple of months we will report on staffing needs both now and future, as well needed constitution and bylaw adjustments. We will also provide you with updates on progress that is being made.

Submitted by Chuck Anderson