Social Concerns

Heavenly Helpers

A Heavenly Helper is like an Angel sent to help you get things done that you don't know how to do or can't do yourself. CHRIST OUR SAVIOR  volunteers are willing to help those needing temporary assistance.Helpers honor a wide variety of requests like travel or small home repairs.  If you are someone, due to special circumstances, needs temporary assistance, that's where Heavenly  Helpers come in.If you have any questions about Heavenly Helpers contact CHRIST OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN CHURCH 865-458-9407.

Can you provide a meal to someone in our COS family who needs our help due to illness or other short-term situations? If so, contact the church office to add your name to the list of those willing to help. You’ll generally be asked to do this only once or twice a year. And if you need a meal prepared for you, you can also contact the church office.

Boxtops for Education

Please bring in your box tops from General Mills products that say “Box Tops for Education.” We will be sending them in shortly to First Lutheran. There is a basket to put them in located in the Christian Ministry Center’s lobby. First Lutheran is very grateful for saving and sending them to the school!

Community Service Centers

A part of our Social Concerns activities is to support our local The Good Shepherd and the Good Samaritan Centers in Monroe and Loudon Counties.

The Good Shepherd Center As everyone knows the Corona Virus has invaded all aspects of our lives. The Good Shepherd Center in Madisonville provides food to an average of 1,500 people a month and distributes approximately 30,000 lbs. of food per month and is now facing a surge in demand. They have enacted a new Corona policy of no new clothes intake and no distribution of clothes and the Center is only providing free food services via a curb side service. If in your heart you feel the need to help our fellow East Tennessee neighbors, any funds donated will be used to purchase foods and provide services to the people in need. If you wish to donate please mail your check to: The Good Shepherd Center, PO Box 353, 5150 Hwy 411 S. Madisonville, TN 37354.

The Good Shepherd Center needs the following items: baby formula, baby wipes, bar soap and baby lotion. All contributions are appreciated. Please put your donations in the basket marked "Good Shepherd Center" in the lobby of the CMC. Thanks to all of you that have already donated.

Good Samaritan Center requested contributions for May are:  canned tuna, cooking oil and jelly. Please bring your donations and place in the basket located in the CMC lobby. Thank you for your generosity to those less fortunate.

Mats and Totes for the Homeless and Needy

The Good Shepherd Center has a number of totes and mats, so we will suspend crocheting them for a while. Many thanks to all those who crocheted them. Please finish what you are working on now and put it in the Good Shepherd Center box. Also, a big thank you to those who brought in the plastic bags so we could make them! The Habitat Store can use the bags or recycle them.

The Good Samaritan Center in Lenoir City needs plastic grocery bags! The GSC pantry will use the bags for food that they distribute to clients. Please place your extra bags in the provided container in the CMC lobby next to the GSC collection basket. Thank you!

Backpacks for Loudon Co. Students

The Good Samaritan Center will again this year, distribute more than 900 backpacks filled with grade specific supplies to avoid teachers having to pay for them. If you would like to help with the project, they are $25 each and you can mail your check to: The Good Samaritan Center, 119 A Street, Lenoir City, TN 37771 or donate by credit card at: and specify Backpack Program. Thank You!