Lutherans For Life Team Ministry Spotlight

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and our congregation value life from conception until the end of this life. It is the mission of Christ Our Savior’s Lutheran for Life Team to support the organizations that champion life. Our church has long supported the ministry of the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) in Maryville and Sevierville. PRC’s mission is to “minister to the needs of those facing a difficult preg-nancy decision with life-affirming alternatives”. As a volunteer at PRC, I am continually amazed at the mighty work of our God as He uses his people to carry out this mission. In fact, His work is SO incredible, that we are compelled to shout out the wonders of Him via the Courier! So, periodically we will share with you the many ways God is at work at PRC.

Some women come to PRC determined to have an abortion. At these option visits, the nurse and a PRC advocate will present to her information about a chemical vs surgical abortion. (Since the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, abortions are illegal in Tennessee. Tennessee laws also prohibit residents from mailing or receiving the abortion pill). An abortion-minded woman will also receive information regarding making an adoption plan and the resources PRC will provide should she choose life.

A PRC staff member shares this recent account of an option visit:

Sarah (not her real name) came to PRC seeking abortion information. The nurse and I provided her detailed information about surgical and chemical information. We also presented adoption information and discussed the support PRC offers should she choose to parent. At the conclusion of the visit, we prayed with Sarah and her boyfriend, James. Based on the direction of our conversation I was convinced that Sarah would choose abortion. During the next few days, my prayer for Sarah was that she would be led to return to PRC for post-abortive counseling.

But God definitely had something else in mind! Shortly after that initial visit, Sarah made an appointment for an abortion in North Carolina. At the clinic, Sarah was taken to a room while James remained in the waiting area. They texted back and forth…Sarah was so scared, no longer sure that this was the answer. Then James encouraged Sarah to leave the exam room and they quickly exited the facility. Sarah called PRC to announce the news that she and James changed their minds and will become parents to this new life!

Sarah is now part of PRC’s 6-week bible study called Embrace Grace and has come to know Jesus as her Savior, James is determined to become an honorable father and give up alcohol. While he has not yet a Christian, he is definitely seeking. They plan to marry and become the family that God desires. PRC will continue to walk along side them in their journey to parenthood.

What a God we serve! He is not to be underestimated, able to do immeasurably more that we even think possible!

Join us for the Annual Pregnancy Resource Center Banquet August 20th and find out more what is happening at PRC!

Open Door Banquet
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