The Prayer Shawl Ministry provides generous-size shawls to people in need of comfort, encouragement, compassion, friendship and prayers. Our shawls have been given to people in many circumstances including after a loss, during an illness or recovery period, going through chemo or other difficult circumstances. They have also been given to people in more joyful circumstances such as a 100th birthday, a new mom apprehensive about caring for a new baby, and for service to the church. We have distributed over 550 prayer shawls to 32 states and four countries as of May 2018.
There are about eight people involved at any one time who knit and crochet the shawls and pray while making them. This ministry is uplifting in spirit for the creator of the shawl as well as the receiver. Our Lord has called us to pray and we believe there is great power in prayer. Each shawl begins with prayer and as each stitch is made, prayers and blessings are continued throughout its creation. We wrap each stitch with prayer, concern and love before it reaches the person who will receive it. We believe the receiver can feel God’s love through a prayer shawl in a very real way. Prayer Shawls are not sold as that would defeat the purpose of the ministry which is to give freely of ourselves and to share the fruits of the Holy Spirit with those in need. If you request a shawl you may be asked to deliver it or mail it to your friend or loved one to help offset the cost of yarn.
Our shawls are available in a variety of colors. We try to maintain an inventory for urgent needs. No shawl is distributed without first being prayed over for at least two hours for that person and his/her circumstances. All information is kept confidential and only the person praying for the receiver is aware of the reason a shawl is requested. After prayers, a card is created to accompany the shawl which contains as much of the prayers said as possible.
We can always use people who like to knit or crochet to make shawls. The patterns are easy. The church provides the yarn, the patterns, suggested prayers to get you started; you provide your own needles or hooks. There is no pressure to complete a shawl within a certain timeframe. We work inde-pendently at our own pace.
You can request a prayer shawl for someone you know or for yourself. We have a simple form to do this which you will find on the bulletin board in the church hallway and on the one near the soda machine in the Christian Ministry Center. You can also contact the church office or Gail Hicks, Ministry Manager, to request one.

To request a PRAYER SHAWL for someone:

Please pick up a form from the Prayer Shawl bulletin board in the CMC hallway by the soda machine, fill it in and return it to Gail Hicks. Also see the bulletin board for color selection samples. All information is kept confidential. Questions? Call the Church office.