Kisima Academy

For people who send Kisima Academy donations directly to FTKI, the address has changed. It is now: FTKI, 6614 Van Winkle Dr., Falls Church, VA 22044.

Kisima Academy, a mission of COS, is a Christian orphanage and school in rural western Kenya.

Lots of excitement has been brewing with Kisima Academy’s drama and arts teams in the annual nation-wide competitions. The teams entered the local competitions in several categories. Four teams won the honor of progressing to the county level--Cultural Dance, Choral Verse, a Singing Game, and Solo Verse. County wide (like our State level) competitions were held last week with Cultural Dance and Choral Verse proceeding to the regional level. Cultural Dance did extremely well, placing first and winning a trophy. Congratulations to them! For the smaller children it was their first time on a bus or even seeing a paved road or a town. How exciting for them!

Kenya changed their school organization from a primary (PreK to 8th grade) - secondary (9th to 12th grades) school scheme to a primary (PreK-6) - junior high (7-9)- high school (10-12) arrangement. The junior high school students at Kisima are distinguished by their new green uniforms—a nice change for them after years of the blue uniforms. Soon Kisima will be adding 9th grade to encompass both primary and a junior high level.

Kisima continues to experiment with growing different vegetables in their greenhouse and expanded gardens, affording variety in their diet and better nutrition. Maize and beans are grown in their fields and are often affected by droughts. This year the drought is severe bringing hardship to many people in the country.

The high school and college students will soon be home for their April school holiday. We send all Kisima orphans to boarding high schools regardless of whether they are fully sponsored or not. With increasing numbers of kids graduating from high school, we’ve had increasing difficulty paying for college or vo-tech school for all of them. Last year we were $28,000 short, nearly depleting our reserves. We’ve had to make the hard decision to support each orphan only to the extent of their sponsorship. They will have to get loans or seek out scholarships for the remainder, neither of which is easy in Kenya. Though there is only one unsponsored orphan in each of the next four graduating classes, this year there are four completely unsponsored and two partially sponsored graduates. Please prayerfully consider giving a scholarship of any amount to prepare one of the orphans for a productive future. Contact Gerda Fink at 865-458-3295 or

Gerda Fink, COS Kisima Committee Chair-person,, on Facebook at Friends of Kisima Academy.


News From Kisima Academy

Good things have been happening at Kisima Academy lately. Soccer, volleyball, and netball intermural matches are back after their pandemic hiatus. And there’s been time for fun, too!

They’re growing more and more of their food and have some extra to sell as well as the school works toward becom-ing self-supporting. Their traditional diet is maize and beans with kale but they’ve been branching out more and more with additions of fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, on-ions, spinach, and tomatoes. It’s good for the kids to have a hand in the process.

Of course there are challenges as well. Up until this year we have financed college or vocational education for all 48 Kisima kids who have graduated from high school. With 57 more orphans in various high schools it will become more and more difficult for us to raise adequate funds. After much debate our policy for this year is to only finance further edu-cation for orphans receiving a ‘C’ or above on their national exam. Grading is much harder there so a ‘D’ is not terribly unusual. Hopefully, though, the new policy will spur the up-coming students to work harder.

There may be a visit to Kisima next year—the first since the pandemic. Please contact me if you have any interest in going. Besides working at the school we visit an elephant orphanage and a giraffe refuge in Nairobi and go on a short safari in Maasai Mara. Gerda Fink 458-3295 or