Lutheran Women's Ministry League

The large Mite box is located in the lobby of the Christian Ministry Center to receive offerings from all in the congregation who feel led and are willing to support the ongoing project ministry of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League. If you don’t have a mite box, please take one from the LWML display and fill it with your change, “quiet money” is also accepted. When you are ready to bring the mites to church, please place them in an appropriate sized baggie (well sealed) and place in the large mite box. Our Lord Jesus will bless not only the gift that is given, but the giver as well!

Attention Ladies!

An exciting new Bible study is available online at (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League). Once at the website, scroll down to YOUR STRONG SUIT on the right hand side. Click on the “learn more” link to access the video portion of this 8-week study. While there, check out all the other wonderful resources available. If you have any questions, contact Jeanette Hanson.

A Great Way to Start the Day! Is to read the daily Mustard Seed Devotion from LWML: food for the soul. The devotions are short, to the point, and apply to you. Sign up for the Mustard Seed devotionals at

LWML Mite Mission Goal Update ~ As you may know, the LWML Mission Goal for the 2021–2023 biennium is $2,150,000. We have great news! We are filled with gratitude and joy as we announce that God has worked through your generosity and stewardship to surpass this goal. The Mite offerings you have shared now total $2,154,511! Thank you for coming alongside LWML as together we proclaim Christ, support missions, equip women, and serve others! Each time you choose to give to LWML Mission Grants, you are directly pouring God’s mercy and message into the lives of others—some recipients may be right in your neighborhood, others are men, women, and children living abroad. No matter their age, or how near or far, God knows the needs of every single person. If you would like to take a look at the various ministries the 2021–2023 Mission Grants are supporting, please visit their website: