Our Library

  • THE CHURCH LIBRARY NEEDS YOU ~ We are looking for some members that would enjoy working on the COS Library Committee. We meet eight times during the year on the first Monday of the month. There is always much to do in the ordering of new books, processing new books and the general running of a library. Each of us takes a turn being “librarian” on Sundays to help our readers with any questions they may have. Don’t say no until you check us out. We have fun as well and would love to have you join us. Stop into the library on any Sunday morning and talk with our librarian on duty to see what you are missing by not being a “librarian” for COS. You might even find a book to sign out for your own pleasure.

  • COS Library patrons reminder: Kids backpacks for your visiting young people. Are you traveling to the grandchildren? You may take a backpack with you just let us know how long you need it. Also new books in the library window and inside the library. Please tell us what you think of them by completing a Book Review, see form on the clipboard on the library desk. You could assist us in recommending a book, series, DVD, or author that you think our library patrons would enjoy. Thank you!

The Library Committee invites you to peruse room 104 in the CMC for 

1. Nonfiction books such as

  • books about Christ’s life
  • books by favorite Christian authors such as Lucado and Yancy
  • Bible commentaries
  • books about various religions in addition to Christianity
  • books to supplement the Sunday morning Lutheranism 102 class
  • other topics

2. Reference books

3. Study materials (SM);

  • creationism compared to the theory of evolution
  • the Holy Spirit
  • Bible study

4. Fiction

  • Amish, Amana Colonies, Mennonite, and Quaker fiction books.

All may be taken to the main library room to be checked out.

A note from the library committee about "Patron Recommended Reading"

Would you like to recommend to others a book or other item from the library that you have enjoyed? Help others know by filling out a "Patron Recommended Reading" form that can be found on the library desk. Just fill out one of the forms, place it in the book return box on the library table, and the library committee will let others know. Thank you.


NEW COS WOMEN'S BOOK CLUB: Are you interested in joining a Book Club but have hesitated because you are not sure of the "character" or "quality" of the choices of books you might have to read? Are you excited to talk and share with friends the great book you are reading? If there are enough ladies who would like to be part of a COS Book Club, please sign up in the church library or speak with a Library Team member.

Would you denounce your faith to defend your home and family?
A new award-winning historical fiction series has arrived in our library! We are happy to present to you: The Huguenot Connection trilogy by Paul C. R. Monk. The three books are Merchants of Virtue, Voyage of Malice, and Land of Hope set in the late 1600’s when King Louis and the majority Roman Catholic population persecuted the minority Protestants.
The story follows the harrowing escape of the wealthy Delpech family who is forced to flee their home in France, striped of their fortune, and separated from their children. The author gives vivid depictions of the past and the choices French Protestants had to make at that time. He tells of their seafaring adventures trying to flee to America and their heartwarm-ing stories of family loyalty.
We all most likely read of the Huguenots in our history lessons when we were young but it was most likely a brief mention. If you are like me when reading historical fiction I google search the history to enrich my experience. Here are a few the of the things I learned: The French Huguenots suffered persecution for three centuries; they have been known as Calvinists; they settled on the eastern coast of North America. Some notable Americans with Huguenot ancestry are: Marlon Brando, Joan Craw-ford, Johnny Depp, Judy Garland, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Lawrence Olivier, Warren Buffet, John D. Rockefeller, and Sam Walton.

“Is Atheism Dead?”

In his latest book, “Is Atheism Dead”, Eric Metaxas (biographer of Luther and Bonhoeffer) brings the reader up to date on multiple 20th Century findings via scientific research, which continue to affirm that the God of Genesis is the creator of everything. He details compelling evidence of the existence of God, through the finding of Astronomers, Archeologists, Geo-Physics, Biochemists, Nano scientists and others. Dispelling old notions such as, no beginning—no end, or single cell life form in time emerging into an Elephant or a Shark etc.; and proving the many factors that are needed to precisely create life, which could never occur randomly but require an unexplainably unique entity to put them together to have a beginning—the Creation.

In one chapter he gives a simple discussion of the many intricacies of what happens in one cell; and to comprehend the possibility of a random happening in connected cells to create anything other than what the maker intended is absolutely ludicrous. I was forced to read and re-read the Genesis description multiple times and failed to read into it anything but that going from non-life to life can only be accomplished by the WORD of GOD!!!

Also, for example, included is how the knowledge of the Hittite nation was identified and added proof of the truth of the biblical accounts which mention Hittites 46 different times, the best known is Moriah the Hittite and his relationship with King David. The author details Archaeological finding after finding of the last 100 years which identify persons and places noted by the writers of scripture, which prove the exactitude with which God has communicated His love and promises to us.

In the concluding third of the book he summarized the origins of Atheism and some of its world re-nowned leading components who, in their later years, reversed themselves and acknowledged the triune creator of the Bible.

I liked this up-to-date summary of how the Gospel is proving itself and I hope you will too.