Our Library

  • THE CHURCH LIBRARY NEEDS YOU ~ We are looking for some members that would enjoy working on the COS Library Committee. We meet eight times during the year on the first Monday of the month. There is always much to do in the ordering of new books, processing new books and the general running of a library. Each of us takes a turn being “librarian” on Sundays to help our readers with any questions they may have. Don’t say no until you check us out. We have fun as well and would love to have you join us. Stop into the library on any Sunday morning and talk with our librarian on duty to see what you are missing by not being a “librarian” for COS. You might even find a book to sign out for your own pleasure.

  • COS Library patrons reminder: Kids backpacks for your visiting young people. Are you traveling to the grandchildren? You may take a backpack with you just let us know how long you need it. Also new books in the library window and inside the library. Please tell us what you think of them by completing a Book Review, see form on the clipboard on the library desk. You could assist us in recommending a book, series, DVD, or author that you think our library patrons would enjoy. Thank you!

The Library Committee invites you to peruse room 104 in the CMC for 

1. Nonfiction books such as

  • books about Christ’s life
  • books by favorite Christian authors such as Lucado and Yancy
  • Bible commentaries
  • books about various religions in addition to Christianity
  • books to supplement the Sunday morning Lutheranism 102 class
  • other topics

2. Reference books

3. Study materials (SM);

  • creationism compared to the theory of evolution
  • the Holy Spirit
  • Bible study

4. Fiction

  • Amish, Amana Colonies, Mennonite, and Quaker fiction books.

All may be taken to the main library room to be checked out.

A note from the library committee about "Patron Recommended Reading"

Would you like to recommend to others a book or other item from the library that you have enjoyed? Help others know by filling out a "Patron Recommended Reading" form that can be found on the library desk. Just fill out one of the forms, place it in the book return box on the library table, and the library committee will let others know. Thank you.


NEW COS WOMEN'S BOOK CLUB: Are you interested in joining a Book Club but have hesitated because you are not sure of the "character" or "quality" of the choices of books you might have to read? Are you excited to talk and share with friends the great book you are reading? If there are enough ladies who would like to be part of a COS Book Club, please sign up in the church library or speak with a Library Team member.

Library Corner

Acclaimed author of more than three dozen books, Steven James will thrill you with his pulse-pounding thrillers. This author is equipped with a unique Masters Degree in storytelling and he has taught writing and storytelling on four continents over the last two decades. We are fortunate to have in our library his famous Patrick Bower series which consists of the five novels, The Bishop, The Knight, The Rook, The Pawn, and The Queen which delves into the life of Patrick Bowers an Environmental Criminologist. COS member, Kathy Wuethrick, recommends the books, especially if you like stories about high-tech law enforcement and catching the bad guys. If you are interested in researching more about this author, you can search for more at stevenjames.net or tune in to his podcast at thestoryblender.com. The author writes from his home in the Appalachian Highlands of Eastern TN.

Children's Books

Holidays are near and families will be gathering. When your grandchildren visit, do you hear, "Grandma, there's nothing to do!" or "Grandpa, read me a story!" So you think, "What am I going to do???" Well, our COS Library has the perfect solution for you. We now have added Christmas books to the already fun-packed Backpacks. They are available for you to borrow and are appropriate for ages infant to 15 years old. Just stop by our Library and see a team member, take home a backpack(s), and have lots of fun with your grandchildren this holiday season.

Did you know The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world with more than 170 million items? It was founded in 1800 and is the oldest federal cultural institution in the USA. In 2020 it recorded a total of 171,636,507 items in its collection and more than 25 million cataloged books in The Library of Congress classification system. It em-ploys 3,242 permanent staff members and has a budget of $719.4 mil-lion. WOW! That’s impressive!

Well . . .we have a miniscule number of items in our church library in comparison to The Library of Congress, only six library team mem-bers, and a much smaller, yet sufficient budget for our needs. We think it is a nifty place too! We love it when someone comes in to the library for the first time and has that expression on their face that says, “I’ve stumbled upon a treasure chest full of good-ies “. That was me when we first visited six years ago!!

We are fortunate to have a church library at Christ Our Savior because of the foresight and vision of members who gave of their time and talents to develop our church library. We continue to be a ministry team who seeks to support the mission of our church in finding entertainment that uplifts spirits and enlightens minds with materials that do not assault our Christian values like much of what you find currently in books, or on TV and streaming services. We offer choices that you will most likely not find in public libraries.

Just like “professional” libraries we research prospective book purchases, catalog our items in the ResourceMate software program, print, label, cover, shelve, dust, rearrange, display, and inventory our items. Why do we do this? And why do we call ourselves a ministry team? The easy answer is we each love reading , but I think it is more than that. We love sharing and making connections with our readers/members, recommending and dis-cussing books we have read and that have enriched our faith.

So “yes” we still believe there is a place for a church library!
Help us stock those shelves with some new material in 2022. Let us know what you are interested in,; your favorite genre, biography, uplifting or educational, resource, historical fiction, creation science, distinctly Lutheran? We always appreciate new ideas too.

Don’t forget we have the kids backpacks for your visiting grandchildren. Many of the books on the shelves are also suitable for teens, ask a librarian. Thank You!