Christ Our Savior Healthcare Initiave Ministry

Health Care Manual

You can access the Health Care Initiative Manual by following the links below:

Body    1. How we treat our bodies    2. Meaningful Movement

Mind    1. The Healthy Mind Platter 2.  Keeping a Sharp Mind   3. Got the Blues?

Spirit    1.  Spiritual Exercises    2. The Wholeness Wheel

Personal   1. Preparing for Heaven  2. Getting Your Affairs in Order 3. Health Initiative Form

Resources  1. Resource List  2. On Line Health Information


OUR Mission

Believing God has created and gifted us with  minds, spirits and bodies, and we are responsible stewards of our own health; we will strive to promote a greater health awareness contributing to lives filled with more joy, more love and a greater connection with God.

Our Covenant

Realizing that our health is based on spiritual health, mental health and physical health…We, as a congregation, commit our time, our space and our resources toward the support of our well-being. Believing God has gifted us with health, we commit to the nurturing of our minds, our spirits and our bodies.

This Month's Health Initiative Tips!

 Walk Across Tennessee form March 1, 2019 - April 30, 1919. Read the flyer by clicking below! Or scroll to the page bottom to view.

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This Month's Newsletter

Read this month's Faith Health Initiative Newsletter. here.

Available Medical Equipment

Through the generous donations of our members, there is a supply of medical equipment available for our member’s usage. We have several walkers, two wheelchairs, bedside commodes, a walking stick, shower seat and, oh yes, even several pack and plays. One wheelchair is kept in the CMC carport entrance area. The second wheelchair and a chair walker are available for church functions and are kept in the church kitchen. We have cleaned and checked additional items and placed them in the first classroom. We do request that you contact the church office and complete the newly designed Health Initiative Ministry usage form. This will allow us to track the items and also complete a safety check and sanitize upon return.

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