Kisima academy

For people who send Kisima Academy donations directly to FTKI, the address has changed. It is now: FTKI, 6614 Van Winkle Dr., Falls Church, VA 22044.

Kisima Academy, a mission of COS, is a Christian orphanage and school in rural western Kenya.

The biggest news at Kisima is the recent arrival of a young couple, Matt and Kristen, for a six-month stay. They were previously serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Madagascar and wanted to extend their stay in Africa. There are several projects they will be working on: a greenhouse to grow tomatoes for revenue, an extensive vegetable garden to improve the children’s nutrition, better land and livestock management techniques, and handwashing stations to improve student health. A major project is integrating technology into the class-room and into school operations through acquiring tablets or other digital hardware, training teachers on how to use tech in the classroom, establishing record keeping on a cloud platform, and installing a VSAT satellite Internet connection to aid in all tech operations.

More progress has been made on the water project. The pump was installed and the piping to the girls’ dorm has been completed. The girls can take real showers for the first time in their lives. No more carrying buckets of water! What a blessing! Piping to the boys’ dorms and the kitchen will be completed soon.

Huge thanks to our three new COS sponsors! Currently all orphans at Kisima and at various high schools are at least partially sponsored. There are about 20 children who are only partially sponsored so there are still opportunities to help. Partial sponsorships are $300/year or $25/month. See me for information or go to the Children Needing Sponsors page of the website

Gerda Fink, COS Kisima Committee Chair-person,, on Facebook at Friends of Kisima Academy.


2018 was another successful year at Kisima. Heartfelt thanks go to the sponsors and donors who helped make the care and education of the children possible. Everyone in the Kisima community is deeply appreciative of their support. Last year 75 orphans were cared for and educated, another 170 community students were educated, and 58 Kisima graduates were supported in high schools, most of them in boarding high schools.

In December the exam results were released for primary and secondary school graduates. There was a huge celebration for the record five 8th grade students qualifying for the elite na-tional high schools.

The high school seniors did very well also: our students qualified for universities. These are the first Kisima students to graduate from high school and we’re working at figuring out what’s next for them. Those not going to universities will go to colleges, VO-tech schools, or various training programs. Please pray for guidance as we feel our way forward.

Gerda Fink