Wasmund ministry

Matt and Dee Dee Wasmund, along with their daughters, Lily and Olivia, live in Seoul, South Korea where Matt serves as strategic volunteer coordinator – East Asia for the LCMS. Their work involves overseeing support and programmatic needs for the GEO (Globally Engaged in Outreach) missionaries at the Concordia School System – Taiwan and for the new GEO missionary program beginning in South Korea. They facilitate short-term mission opportunities with the goal of enhancing existing ministries in other Asian countries, look for ways to involve US churches in overseas ministry, and strive to create and maintain effective strategies for sharing the Gospel with those in their community and beyond. 

Learn more about the Wasmund's Ministry at www.lcms.org/wasmund


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Dear brothers and sisters at COS, Peace to you in Jesus’ name. I write you from St. Louis where I am taking two courses at the seminary towards an MA degree. This program, we pray, will serve as a tool to enhance our ministry in East Asia.We are thankful that instead of the normal ten week quarter, this session is an intensive four week term.
Dee Dee and the girls remain in Seoul as they are still in school. Being separated is a challenge for both parents (and children) but it is fair to say Dee Dee is faced with a daunting task.Yet, we rejoice. We know COS prays for us and those petitions are heard by our God, the “God ofendurance and encouragement” (Rom. 15:5). We also are keenly aware of your continued support of our family by way of financial gifts towards our ministry in Asia. COS remains our most generous and faithful partner.
We hope our newsletters provide you with a glimpse of what God is working in the places where we serve together. Notes of gratitude such as this one could always be more frequent and we beg your pardon when it seems our hearts are not grateful. God shows His mercy to us through you and for that we praise Him and express to you our gratefulness. 
May this same God, the Triune God, be with you and strengthen you in the Holy Spirit.

Matt, for the family