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The Finance Committee has estab-lished an account for the Adopt-A-Student program. Anyone may contribute any amount at any time. When the account reaches $500, we will adopt a student as a congregation. We can then work toward another student, and so on. There is a bulletin board next to Classroom 107 in the CMC with all the information on this program. Check it out, and see what this is all about. Folders are also available in the narthex. The seminarians hope to welcome you to the program. For more information, contact the Church Office and visit the website   

SUPPORT OUR LCMS—St. Louis and Ft. Wayne Seminaries! In today’s culture, strong pastors and church leaders are more important than ever. The Seminaries have been empowering men and women to fulfill God’s call to ministry in the U.S. and worldwide. As Christians, we can all play a role in creating effective church leaders. Pray for God’s blessings on the Seminary’s students, faculty and staff. Participate with a gift to support the future of the LCMS. One way could be to Adopt-a-Student (see John Smith for details). For more information, call 1-800-822-5287, or visit the Seminary website,


In today’s culture, strong pastors and church leaders are more important than ever. The Seminary has been empowering men and women to fulfill God’s call to ministry in the U.S. and worldwide. As Christians, we can all play a role in creating effective church leaders. Pray for God’s blessings on the Seminary’s students, faculty and staff. Participate with a gift to support the future of the LCMS. One way could be to Adopt-a-Student. For more information, call 1-800-822-5287, or visit the Seminary website, 

Standing together, students and sponsors overcome the single greatest obstacle to students coming to the Seminary — affording it! By overcoming this challenge you are making an eternal difference as the students you prepare now will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ today and for decades to come. In faith, these seminarians have come to Concordia Seminary. Now you can encourage them with your prayers and make their preparation financially possible. 


CHAD BOLOSAN is our new and sixth Adopt-a-Student recipient. Chad is a second career seminarian, who is a friend of our members, the Blinns. He and his wife and their three children started this new phase of life this fall. Casey Kegley is completing his Master of Sacred Theology degree and will be called in April. Noah Kegley has now returned from his vicarage and is in his last year, also preparing to be called in April. Nathan McCarthy is on vicarage this year at Bethlehem Lutheran in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Jonathan Jahnke and Vernon (Trey) Samson are both starting their second year at the Seminary. Please keep all seminarians in your prayers as they answer God's call. Also continue to support them through the Adopt-a-Student Fund.

YEAR END REPORT ~ Our six Seminarians have finished the Fall Semester, and are preparing to continue in the Spring Term. Casey Kegley and his brother Noah, will be taking their pastoral assignments in April! (What a blessing!) Nathan McCarty is finishing his Florida vicarage, and will be joining our other three Seminarians, Chad Bolosan, Jonathan Jahnke and Vernon Samsom for the Spring Semester. Please keep them all in your prayers. Thank you to all those who have been supporting them.

Update - On April 24, 2018 the St. Louis Seminary issued 68 calls Casey Kegley will be serving at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Noah Kegley will be at Saint Paul Lutheran Church in West Allis, Wisconsin. Fort Wayne Theological Seminary issued 30 calls. Our Seminarian John Engwall will go to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Aikens, South Carolina. Call Day also provided Vicarage assignments. St.Louis Jonathan Jahnke will be at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Sunset Hills, Missouri, while Fort Wayne Timothy Sheridan will be at Trinity Lutheran Church in Reese, Michigan.
It's a blessing that Adopt-a-Student is able to help all seminarians continue their calls to serve the Lord.

ADOPT-A-STUDENT UPDATE ~ As we are all aware, Casey Kegley and his brother, Noah were called and ordained as new pastors. We will continue to support our other four students. We will also be adding two new students for the fall. One will be Trevor Behm and the other will be assigned soon. Our two new Fort Wayne students are Joshua Ralston and Charles Shemwell. Please keep all Seminarians in your thoughts and prayers. Also please contribute to their Adopt-a-Student Fund so that COS can continue our support.

It’s a BOY and a Girl

In just two months, our family will finally welcome Hilton Christopher and Amelia Rose! Joy is excited to have a little sister and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled to have a little boy. (Erica is glad she could accommodate both of our “requests”...) We, well mostly Erica, have been working hard to prepare our home for their upcoming arrival. It’s been six years since we had a baby in our home and I’ve easily forgotten about all it takes to care for a baby... let alone two babies. (In fact, I think I’ve repressed those memories of Infant Joy crying in the middle of the night!) Right now, we are in a season of preparation for our homes, our hearts, and our lives.., because once these babies finally do arrive, nothing will be the same.

It’s a lot like Lent. In Lent, we prepare our hearts and our lives for Christ’s death and resurrec-tion. We fast, we focus, and we follow our Savior’s path of suffering to the cross However the truth is that too often like my repressed memories of an infants night-interrupting cry, we forget. We forget year to year what Lent means in our lives as Christians. We are easily drawn to the joy and anticipation of Advent. We revel in the celebration of the birth of our Lord at Christmas.

Sometimes we even attempt to fast-forward past Lent to the triumph of Easter morning. The fact is, though, that there would be no Easter without Lent and Holy Week. Christ had to suffer and to die and then be raised on the third day. Romans 8:35-36 says this:
“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? As it is written, “For your sake we are being killed all the day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.”

If we follow Christ and are never to be separated from Him that means we must follow Him to the cross. We must follow His journey of pain and humiliation in order to even begin to realize the cost of our sins. Christ was stricken, smitten, afflicted and forsaken for you and me. So we prepare for this passion of our Lord in Lent and Holy Week so that we may rejoice all the greater at His tri-umph in Easter.

We still have a lot left to do here to prepare our the arrival of the twins. There are diapers to buy, tiny clothes to organize and room to be made for our newest family members. We also still have a lot left to do in Lent. There is still time to add a Bible study, attend mid-week Lenten ser-vices, and refocus our lives on Jesus and His journey to the cross.

May God grant us all strength and a little bit more time for Him this Lenten season.

Vicar Nate



In the 2017Winter Concordia Seminary publication, an article featured and quoted our fourth year seminary student, Casey Kegley. He expressed some of his attitudes and feelings. 

"Christianity can open doors and start conversations, but "reaching others with the hope of the Gospel requires listening." And even more than listening, he explains that we need to live differently so that we stand out to others. The article, entitled, "Preparing Pastors for Today’s World", stresses caring for the "hearts of people." Casey said, looking forward to Call Day and his first placement into the ministry, that "he hopes to equip the people he shepherds to show and share the Gospel with their families, friends, and colleagues. I’m just going to give people what I believe, because God has done some pretty cool stuff in my life, and I can tell them that He has done that for them as well."  

This is the kind of pastor that our Adopt-a-Student participation is preparing. He asks, "Are people going to see the evidence of Jesus in me?" This is the business of preparing pastors and insuring the future of the church in a day of "decline in attendance and other challenges facing the church." Our participation supports Casey and others like him who will enable the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod to not only continue, but thrive. Casey and our other seminarians need your support. Please consider helping by contributing to ADOPT-A-STUDENT.


On May 1, St. Louis made 116 calls for pastors, deaconesses, and missionaries. Our Adopt-a-Student, Nathan McCarty, was called as Associate Pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Three of our other seminarians received vicarage assignments; Chad Bolosan to St.Paul in Westlake, Ohio; Vernon Samson to Christ the King in Kingswood, Texas; and Ryan Schnake to the church and military base in Kaiserslauten, Germany. Fort Wayne call day was April 30, and our seminarian there, Joshua Ralston, will be a vicar at St. John in Wheaton, Illinois. Thanks for helping the future of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod congregations!