Ministry Report 2020


Reverend Brian Truog .......... Senior Pastor
Reverend Mark Rhoads........ Associate Pastor
Judith Bailey ......................... Music Director
Sandy Stricklett..................... Office Secretary
Judith Schmid-Bielenberg .... Office Secretary
Reaching and equipping disciples to worship, learn and serve

Charles Anderson................. President
Joe Deal............................... Past President
Bill Blinn............................... Vice President
Bob Traum………………….. Treasurer
Jim Magnuson……………… Assistant Treasurer
Karen McElyea..................... Financial Secretary
Jim Purdue………………….. Assistant Financial Secretary
Peg Purdue.......................... Secretary
Butch Durham...................... Elders
Vacant…............................... Facilities
Brian Truog........................... Senior Pastor
Mark Rhoads........................ Associate Pastor

Council Highlights
The year 2020 will be remembered for social distancing, wearing masks,
sanitizing furniture, and ongoing concerns over the virus and maintaining good hygiene.
However, we should not forget that ministry at Christ Our Savior continued. Online
worship, drive through communion, accommodations for in person worship and Bible
study, video recording of services, and zoom meetings all became part of regular life at
Christ Our Savior. Our church leaders, staff, and ministry teams worked throughout the
year to maintain a semblance of normal church life. Members continued to support one
another, worshiped as circumstances permitted, and maintained sound stewardship
As we begin 2021, to date not much has changed, but we look forward to
increased fellowship and ministry opportunities. God continues to bless this ministry and
for that we are most grateful.


The-Adopt-A-Student fund helps finance Seminary Students at the St.Louis and Fort Wayne
Seminaries. Christ Our Savior has been participating for many years! We are presently helping
to support nine Seminarians, seven at St.Louis and two at Fort Wayne. Many we have helped
are now ordained pastors in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Please offer your support by
contributing to the fund.
The Joint Seminary Fund is set up to send money to the Seminaries at St.Louis and Fort
Wayne. This helps support the seminaries with their many financial needs.

Altar Guild has eight active members who continue to work diligently behind the scenes to
prepare the sanctuary for worship and safely set up communion each week. They have been
extremely flexible with all of the changes that have occurred during the past 9 months. Extra
washing, sanitizing and set up for worship services, taping service, and drive through
communion. Thank you to the faithful men and women who continue to serve the Lord each
In Christ,
Shirley Truog

Appalachian Strings practiced a few times before we suspended practices because of
COVID numbers rising.

From the standpoint of audio-visual requirements, the Year 2020 threw us a curveball that
reminded me of Sandy Koufax in the 1960’s. Previous A/V requirements had mostly centered on
the assurance of adequate audio levels in the sanctuary during worship services. With the New
Year, it became evident that things were not normal.
Our attention had to re-focus on our capabilities (or lack thereof) to broadcast the worship
service to a more dispersed, socially-distanced group of worshipers. The project completed in
2019 of installing the large screen and laser projector in the CMC gave us the foundation for
addressing the COVID-era needs. In 2020, our outdated camera in the sanctuary was replaced
with a high definition, remote controlled video camera that vastly improved our picture resolution.
We added a video controller box that gave us studio capabilities for camera control, recording of
services, and broadcast capabilities to the CMC building. Signal converters were used to
manage the A/V signal sent over the 300+ feet of cable run between the two buildings. More
recently, a new Allen & Heath soundboard replaced the old and failing sound board used for
many years in our CMC.
With a new group of stay-at-home worshipers, our web site needed to provide full worship
service recordings instead of the sermon-only segments that had been provided previously. So,
video file conversion software was added to reduce the large video file sizes and facilitate the
upload to the COS web site. Special recording sessions were held on Thursdays to provide web
services for the following Sunday. (continued, next page)
1. Even with the new equipment, our efforts would be in vain if not for the dedicated
group of about 16 volunteers who serve each week by operating the sound and
projection systems and web site. Their Main concern has been to assure that
each one of us will have a meaningful worship experience with minimal A/V
distraction. Our special thanks go to those volunteers.
Joe Deal

Because of COVID we could not have a beautification day. However, throughout the year,
Elain Deal, Ev Dinkgrave and others have dedicated countless hours to weed pulling, trimming
bushes and planting new plants.

Michele Rhoads led a team of volunteers in providing respite care for caregivers of children
with special needs as part of Nathaniel’s Hope, a national organization. On the 2 nd Saturday of
each month, from 10am-1pm, these volunteers played games, provided crafts and shared the
love of Jesus with children from Loudon and Monroe Counties. Due to the COVID virus, we did
not meet from March - September. However, our Buddies provided a “break” by bringing dinner
to the families in our program. We resumed our ministry program October-Dec. We welcomed
Kathy Anderson as a new buddy.

The pandemic has actually given us some new opportunities to serve our community by
making our building available for meetings. A neighborhood homeowners association, the Tellico
Village VFW, the Nifty Knitters, and PEO International are very grateful our facility is available.
The TV Quilters are also looking at expanding their use of our facility for some workshops.

Attendance : Card Ministry met in February and March, 2020. There have been no further
meetings since COVID-19 struck in March.
Cards made : A total of 472 birthday, anniversary, thinking of you, sympathy, and holiday cards
were made in 2020. Of those cards, 98 were made in the February and March meetings. 374
cards were donated by the members of Card Ministry who make cards on their own and have all
the materials at home: Tina Bielke, Carol Durham, Gail Hicks, Sheila Pfaff, Mary Ellen Reeder,
Sandy Stechmesser, and Maryanne Whitlaw.
Cards sent in 2020 : After March 15th, all cards except the staff were mailed rather than put in
the boxes at church. When church reopened in late May, Card Ministry continued to mail nearly
all cards, because we do not know who is and is not attending church regularly.
• Birthday: 252 Anniversary: 103 Thinking of You: 48 Sympathy: 14
• Holidays: 156 Total: 573 US mail: 508
Budget : Card Ministry spent a total of $299.00 of its $300.00 budget on US postage: Five rolls
of Forever stamps (100 stamps/roll) and twenty Global Forever stamps (for overseas mailing).
Next meeting : Unknown. Hopefully, Card Ministry will be able to continue to depend on
donated cards until we can resume safely meeting once a month.
Carol D. Durham
Card Ministry Team Leader

Two niches were purchased in 2020 bringing the total
number sold to 15. That leaves 25 niches available.
There was one inurnment in 2020.
As pictured, a granite Flower Vase and Stand and
Pavers were added in 2020. These were paid for from
memorial gifts and the Columbarium dedicated fund.
A granite bench has been ordered and will be
delivered in 2021.

The year 2020 was very discouraging for Jewel and her ministry. The first two months were
very typical of the previous five years of her ministry. Jewel would visit rehab centers, schools,
assisted living, and memory care units, and the veterans clinic on a daily basis. She would also
attend church every Sunday. However, when the coronavirus hit, all activity ceased.
During March and April, Jewel had no activity as everything was off limits, including church.
When COS began serving drive through communion, Jewel would stand near the palace and
greet members as they drove by.
When church services began again in early summer, Jewel resumed greeting members as
they arrived for services. The only other contact Jewel had with the public was greeting students
at Steekee Elementary as they arrived at school. She was present one to two times per week.
In summary, it was a strange year for phases of ministry. We pray that 2021 will bring us
back to normalcy.

Our counting teams meet every Sunday to record, count, and deposit offerings received that
day. Procedures are set and communicated by Karen McElyea, our Financial Secretary. Teams
are composed of 2 or 3 members, and are assigned to count 1 Sunday a month. We are very
grateful for their dedicated and faithful service! Did you know that in 2020, roughly 3,000
offerings were received? This was down from approximately 4,000 per year prior to the COVID
Our thanks go out to our counters for 2020 - Lee & Diane Felgner, Ted &Joanne Stewart, Jon
Randall, Don & Kathy Wuethrick, Chuck & Linda Anderson, Don & Kathy Schult, Sandy Neale,
Jim & Peg Purdue, and Tina Bielke.

The COS Endowment Fund continues to be blessed by the generosity and support of our
congregation. Going into December, the Fund has received $5,200 in donations and memorials,
$1,355 as a 10% share of the COS 2012 budget surplus, $514 in Thrivent Choice Dollars and
$735 in cash distributions from mutual fund investments at the LCMS and Lutheran Legacy
Foundation ( LLF) Foundations. In addition, the Fund has earned over $2,000 in dividends and
interest in its investment account at Fidelity, so that the total amount that may be awarded to
COS and outside ministries in 2021 is $3,000.

With regard to awards granted in 2020, the Endowment Fund Committee granted $3,055 from
income earned in 2019 to the following recipients: $500 for Our Place Adult Day Care Center,
$500 each for the Good Shepherd and Good Samaritan Centers, $400 for the Child Advocacy
Center, $400 for the Pregnancy Resource Center, $400 for the “Adopt-a-Student” LCMS
Seminary Scholarship Fund, and $355 to Lutherans for Life.
With the onset of the COVID pandemic, the Committee was confronted with significant
volatility in its investment accounts. We identified and sold one investment at Fidelity that was
threatened with insolvency, but maintained the rest as likely to weather the storm. We are happy
to report that all of the other positions have maintained their interest and dividend payouts, and
that the Fidelity account managed by the Committee is once again showing a positive capital
gains balance. We believe that this will also likely be the case with the mutual funds that are
held at LCMS and LLF which are managed by outside professionals.
Another COVID impact has been to suspend other Committee activities, as well as require most
of our Committee work to be done through on-line communications. This will likely continue into
the first half of 2021.

Early in the year all fellowship activities were suspended due to COVID-19.

Year End 2020 Summary of Major Items
In 2020, the major factor affecting all aspects of the church was the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The types and timing of Services, Giving. Meetings. Bible Classes, Fellowship, etc. and more
were and still are affected. Fortunately, our staff, officers, leaders, volunteers and members
responded faithfully and met the various and numerous challenges.
The Finance Committee for 2020 dealt with the following major items:
1. COVID-19 – Carefully monitored giving and spending due to reduced service in-person
attendance. Fortunately, spending was reduced since there was little meeting and no
fellowship expenses.
2. CAPEX – discussed at every meeting, including the COMPASS meeting in October. The
Finance Committee will consider this further after receiving and reviewing the COMPASS
3. A-V Position discussed and added in budget for 2021.
4. HVAC unit in Sanctuary replaced.
5. Front Sign refurbishment established and funded due to generous giving.
6. Stained Glass for the Cross in the Sanctuary established and funded, again due to
generous giving.
7. Process for the sale of Congregational Assets established.
8. Budget for 2021 discussed and sent to Council (then to Voters and approved in
December). (Special monitoring needed in 2021)
9. COMPASS meeting with District representatives held in October with a special meeting
for the finance team. The full COMPASSReport from the District team was received
January 11, 2020.
William Blinn, Vice President


On February 22, Christ Our Savior Lutheran church held a fisherman's flea market (5th
annual) to provide an opportunity for area fishermen with unused fishing tackle and those looking
to outfit themselves or their children for the upcoming fishing season to get together. Admission,
vendor table space, and snacks were free. We had 27 "vendors" and about 300 people during
the 4 hours we were open. Most vendors said that their day was very productive and requested
that we do this again next year and invite them back. We had a good number of families
attending and the vendors seemed to enjoy "dickering" with the youngsters and gave them very
good deals. We had lots of positive feedback from our guests. We provided free coffee and
snacks and included church brochures and flyers for upcoming events on our "freebies" table.
Our guests included some members of a local high school bass fishing team. We took up a free
will offering as a fundraiser to benefit a local high school bass fishing team and collected $250.
The cost of the event (advertising and snacks) was covered by a Thrivent Action Team grant.

No report

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, Christ Our Savior hosted a Gospel Concert featuring The
Britton Family and Mark Bishop. However, as it turned out, the Britton Family brought along
Friends Andy & Rachel Leftwich and Mark brought along Russ Funk to play piano for both
groups. So, in addition to fine singing, we heard some excellent instrumentalists, Andy on
mandolin and fiddle, Jim Briton on guitar, Emily Britton on bass and Russ on keyboard.
Britton Family and Friends Mark Bishop and Russ Funk
Remuneration of $1,571.85 was met with $1,050.00 from 105 tickets sold and $75.00
from Concert Angels with the remainder charged to Event Evangelism. The $250 Thrivent Action
Team money was spent for printing and advertising.
The following COS members made up our Concert Team:
Coordinator/Emcee: Bob Traum
Publicity: Ron Uncapher, Carl Noble, Helen Gibson
Ushers: joe Deal
Sound/Video: Cindy Brittingham
Sign & Welcome Video: Helen Gibson
Ticket Sales: Sandy Stricklett, Judith Schmid-Bielenberg, Elaine Deal
Opening Prayer: Pastor Brian Truog
Overall concert was a success. Bob Traum

The goal of the Health Initiative Team is to provide information and activities that help
individuals grow in body, mind and spirit.
In 2020, we were able to offer three seminars, each attended by approximately 40 people.
1) A February Safe Driver presentation led by a Tennessee State Trooper
2) A September lecture and question and answer followed by one-on-one evaluations
on the topic of arthritis and related exercises led by therapist, Andy Kamp, from Select
3) An October seminar, led by local attorney, George Thompson, on the topic of
Living Wills and Advanced Directives
Because of Covid, the following events were cancelled: A Proton Therapy tour and CPR
Ongoing responsibilities of the Team, graciously handled by Kathy Wuethrick, include:
1) replacing of the AED batteries and pads (done on 9/29/2020.) Batteries must be
changed every two years, used or not.
2) checking both AEDs and the Medical Bag once a month, usually on the first Sunday.
3) checking the First Aid kits to be sure nothing has expired.
4) keeping a Monthly Checklist to record dates for all checks.
5) keeping an inventory of and cleaning Durable Medical Equipment. A sign out sheet
for borrowing items is kept in the church office. When something is returned it is cleaned.
A bulletin board in the CMC posts information related to upcoming events as well as information
designed to connect people to relevant health topics.
Team Members: Pastor Truog, Kathy Wuethrick, Vickie Kriewall, Kevin Fusco, Linda Anderson

Heaven Scent Ministry has had a challenging year because of Covid-19. We normally meet
9-10 times a year, but we only met for 6 months this year. The first 3 months were normal but for
the other 3 months we met only 2 hours instead of 3 hours, had no snacks, wore required masks,
and the CMC was set up for social distancing. Ladies took blanket kits home to sew which kept
our ministry going when we were not able to meet. We have 2 ladies that sew for us that heard
about our ministry when it was featured on WBIR television station. I meet them regularly at
Hobby Lobby in Farragut and give them blanket kits. They were able to complete 14 kits for our
ministry this year. Karen Forsyth is our super shopper. She spent $1,455.22 and saved us
money by shopping on sale and by using coupons. We have a dedicated group of ladies that
support this ministry. Total blankets made: 990, 495 of which were made at homes.

No report

The COSLC Intercessory Prayer Team ends 2020 with a total of 16 intercessors. This prayer
team does not meet. Most communication between the prayer team leader and the intercessors
is by email.
The intercessory prayer list is generally between 6 and 8 pages long and the number of
requests is roughly 35 - 50. The requests come on the Connection Cards, requests to the
pastors, and direct requests to the intercessory prayer team leader. All intercessory prayer
requests are kept confidential. The intercessors pray as specifically as possible for the needs of
each individual prayer request. The prayer list is updated by the prayer team leader and goes
out to the intercessors on the first and third Wednesday of each month.
The prayer team leader, under the oversight of Pastor Truog, is responsible for adding new
requests, updating the prayer requests by contacting the requestors at appropriate intervals,
removing requests, assigning requests, and communicating with the prayer team.
The whole intercessory prayer team also prays for individual church members who are having
surgery or procedures done. The prayer team leader checks each Sunday with the pastors to
see if any surgeries or procedures are scheduled for the upcoming week. When prayer requests
come down on the prayer chain (telephonic prayer tree), the prayer team leader asks all the
intercessors to be praying for these requests also.
Carol Durham

On March 7, 2020, Christ Our Savior hosted a showing of “John Light- The Movie. This
is the story of a violent criminal who came to faith in a prison Bible study and had to face
life on the outside as a new man in Christ. His only allies are the Good Lord and a meek
and mild mentor. It's a great message as to what a prison ministry can do for individuals
that find God. Michael Ochotorena, who played John Light, attended the showing.
Representatives from other prison ministries talked about their programs during the
intermission and at the end of the movie.
We did this showing just before the COVID-19 lockdown started and over 150 people
attended, many from other churches and the community. Wayne and Katie Schnell
sponsored the event and it became a fundraiser for the prison ministry and tornado relief
for Crossville, TN. We collected over $800 that was divided between the two.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected life at Kisima as it has everywhere. Kenya began as
we did with lockdowns, travel restrictions, and mask and social distancing mandates. All
in-person schooling was closed down in March and the high school and college students
returned to Kisima. Quite a few were able to lodge with relatives but there are still 101 kids living
on campus. Fortunately, there is dorm space since the older kids normally have to be
accommodated during the holiday months of April, August, and December. Currently Kisima has
42 orphans in primary school and supports 58 Kisima graduates in boarding high schools and 29
in colleges and technical schools. By the grace of God there are no COVID cases at Kisima.
Only college students have been able to continue their studies online. This fall grades 4, 8,
and 12 went back to school to prepare for the national exams All other grades are to start back
to school in January. At Kisima that means the 250 or so community students will be coming
back as well.
With no classes in session life at Kisima has been very different. The kids have been
engaged in learning life skills such as growing vegetables, baking bread, cooking, splitting
firewood, and general cleaning. They also have time to read books, use tablets in the computer
lab, and learn crafts. In the evenings they play games and have storytelling.
The only infrastructure progress made this year was construction of a bank of 12
hand-washing stations. They are well-spaced to facilitate social distancing.

Kenn Genge managed the lawn cutting crews and schedule. We had several issues with
volunteers cutting the grass without proper training. Discussions were held on reducing the
number of people on the crews and do a better job of screening volunteers.
Considerable time was spent looking at the underground sprinkler system and planting
seed or sod in various places of our campus. Nothing was done this year.
The large holly trees in front of the sanctuary and the four hollies along the front parking
lot were also discussed. Due to varying opinions, nothing was done. We plan to use church
members to do the trimming in 2021.
Dennis Kasmierzak kept our lawn equipment running. He facilitated the sale of the
Massey tractor, with the plans of getting a new zero turn. It turned out we didn’t need one, so the
proceeds will go toward the rental equipment needed to replace the tractor.

* We purchased new DVD's and books.
* We rolled out the Kids Backpacks, however, with so few folks having guests and grandchildren
visit this year circulation was minimal. We look forward to another "roll out" and "show and tell"
again in 2021. The Tellico Village Library has very good success with this program but of course
the materials in their backpacks are not Christian. We have the pleasure and opportunity to share
Christ with those special children and younger guests we interact with.
* Purchased new Resource Mate software to stay up to date with Library cataloging in order to
operate as a professional small library.
* Thanks to Lee Felgner we had some work done on the library computer in order to operate
faster and better.
* Purchased a library cart to use for display purposes and for practical use in moving materials
wherever needed.
* Team members continued to attend to the library patrons each Sunday.
* Circulation was down as access was unavailable due to Covid restrictions or personal choice to
worship virtually, yet we gained some new users who were anxious to find a new source for
* Unfortunately, we had only a few team meetings thereby missing the opportunities to work
together as a team and enjoy Christian fellowship.

➢ * Celebrated Life Sunday in January with a pro-life message via, sermon, prayer and
➢ * Supported Pregnancy Resource Center via the Banquet, Baby Bottle Drive, Mobile Unit,
and hosting PRC during the Bible Study hour.
➢ * Purchased books/DVD's on life issues and a wide assortment of brochures from life in
the womb to end of life issues in order to educate and promote pro life issues. We were
also able to offer these to attendees at the Health Initiative on End of Life issues.
➢ * Added Pro Life articles to the COS monthly Courier.
➢ * Provided to our congregation the monthly Life Date magazine from Lutherans For Life
national organization.
➢ * Maintained the Pro Life Bulletin board with interesting articles, pictures, news and
➢ * LFL "Life Thoughts" are shared via the church announcements.
I think I can speak for my team members that it is a pleasure to serve Christ Our Savior
through this team.
Team Members: LJ Blinn, Jeanette Hanson, Sue Roeder, Irene Roberts, Kathy
Wuethrick, Linda Anderson

The LWML Ladies Bible Study group met Tuesday at 1:30 pm, with 8-12 ladies attending each
week on a regular basis. Most of the studies were led by Jan Magnuson and Irene Roberts, with
others stepping in as needed. We used Bible studies published in the LWML Quarterly
magazine. Each session ended with prayers requested by those in attendance.
Unfortunately, due to COVID, studies were suspended in April. We tried to conduct the studies
on ZOOM, but difficulties abounded, with only 3 or 4 ladies joining. Consequently, we agreed to
suspend the studies until we could meet in person. That occurred in September, when we
resumed Bible study with 8-10 ladies attending regularly. When COVID spiraled again in
October, classes were suspended until we felt we could safely resume in person. As of the end
of the year that did not occur.
Ladies were encouraged to continue the Bible studies on their own until we could meet again in
All ladies of the congregation are encouraged to attend.
Respectfully submitted,
Janice Magnuson
Irene Roberts
The Mite total for 2020 was $1,106.00. Four of the last five years, we have collected over
$1,000. A big thank you to one and all women AND men for so faithfully supporting the Mite
Ministry of LWML! It is a great blessing to LWML Mission Grants. Our Lord Jesus will bless not
only the gift that is given, but the giver as well!

Our website can also be accessed now on the Tellico Life website and events are posted on their
calendar as well. A webmaster backup (Carl Hillenbrand) has been trained and plans are
underway for us to divide up website maintenance responsibility. Our current policies and
practices regarding worshiping and meeting during the pandemic are now posted on the first
page, as well as the most current service. This is the first page that comes up when folks go to
the website. Our Connection ads are now in color.

We continue to support Pastor Josh Woodrow’s work at Bridge City Community in Chattanooga
and the Wasmunds in Seoul, South Korea. Both these missions are facing significant challenges
due to the pandemic.

As we know, this past year has been impacted heavily by the Covid-19 Virus situation
since April. The restrictions for the wearing of masks and social distancing along with people’s
decisions to participate, or not in the various music ministries for health reasons has led us to
cancel at times, and use various other means to offer mu sic to our church family.
I did write several newsletters with music as a theme; and I consider the task of choosing
the hymns for Sunday services part of this ministry, also. Music has a great impact on our souls
and also as a reminder of God’s love for us and our worship of Him.

We sang until the beginning of April every Sunday in alternating services and then
curtailed choir until September. At that time we tried the virtual method: each person recording
picture and singing separately and adding together; but that was not successful for a variety of
reasons. Then we tried each choir member recording just their part, which also did not produce a
good product. Our last effort was to rehearse together while social distancing with the 13
volunteers. That seemed to be somewhat palatable; but with the time it would have taken to get a
decent balance of voices; plus adding more stress on our sound person, I decided to explore
other ideas. That was to have duets, solos.

More instrumental music since April. This group, flute, clarinet, guitar and trumpet has
been invaluable! They have been more than willing to fill the choral void and have done so very
well. These have included soloists, duets, a trio, and added guitar to our Christmas Eve worship.

It became apparent after Easter that we could not have social distancing and also some
of the ringers chose not to participate re Covid concerns. Fortunately, we had six ringers who
wanted to ring; and we could social distance each ringer’s table; also, as the rise of cases rose in
our area we began to wear masks also as protection in rehearsals and services. The schedule is
to play once a month as we are prepared.

We have continued to play the first Sunday of a month at the late service.
Our numbers have grown to: 5 guitars, plus one bass guitar. And remained at one keyboardist
and two singers. Carl Noble remains our faithful leader and has been very good at improving our

This group has not played since March because of the Covid-19 restrictions, but has
begun practicing in a smaller number for several months now. We hope to have them play for us
this year, 2021, as hopefully we are less restricted.
My hope is that with the vaccines becoming more available we will have the choir back in
‘business’ and also be using the new musical ventures also. That would be at best guess,
Easter, but a more real date is probably summer to September. I’m very thankful that we have
such wonderful and faithful volunteers in this ministry; and a supportive church family as well.
Respectfully submitted,
Judith Bailey, Minister of Music

Nine and Dine is a Monday afternoon fellowship activity of our church that includes nine holes of
golf followed by dinner out. We had to suspend the “dine” portion of this for most of 2020 due to
COVID, but we were able to enjoy the golfing portion for most of the year. We suspended
activities when cold weather came in and will resume when the temperature gets into the 60s on
a regular basis. This is open to members and non-members. We have all levels of golfers, both
men and women, and just play for fun and fellowship. Non-golfing spouses join us for dinner.
(The option is there for just golfing and skipping dinner, if you so choose). If you would like to get
on our mailing list for Nine and Dine or just want more information, contact Pastor Truog.

Number of Prayer Shawls Sent: 15
Prayer Shawls are made by dedicated members and friends of Christ Our Savior Lutheran
Church. They are given to people experiencing grief following the death of loved ones, difficult
medical conditions, or encouragement in their life.
Recipients include both members and friends/relatives of members. Some Prayer Shawls were
delivered personally. Others were mailed.
There is a lot of yarn available and a healthy inventory of shawls. There is no plan to make any
purchases or make more shawls at this time.

No report

The year of 2020 was a challenge for our Stephen Ministry Care Givers. COVID 19 restricted us
from meeting face to face with our Care Receivers, however we were able to keep in contact by
telephone or e-mail. We were able to maintain our monthly supervision with our Caregivers by
meeting at Church while maintaining social distancing. We continue to reach out for people who
would benefit from having a Stephen Minister and encourage anyone depressed, hurting or
discouraged to ask for a Christian Friend to walk with them through their struggles.
We have also offered to assist our Elders in contacting our members who are now not able to
attend church, not as Stephen Ministry, but as a way to stay in touch with all of Christ Our
Savior’s Disciples.
If you would like more information about Stephen Ministry or are interested in becoming a
Stephen Minister please take one of their cards from our church pew and visit their website at You may also contact Mark Roeder (770 891 3978) or Edith Hanke (865
657 3512) for more information.

Total income was $589,770.81 of which $581,074.32 came from contributions. 2020
contributions were 0.50% lower than 2019 and 3.8% under budget. $7,200 was transferred from
CAPEX to fund a replacement HVAC unit for the sanctuary.
Total Expense was $589,626.60, which was under budget by $30,057.40.
1. Our tithe to Mid-South District of LCMS was $49,008.00.
2. Surplus of $144.21 was positive versus a budgeted deficit of ($13,324.00). Surplus was
donated as follows: Christ Our Savior Endowment Fund
3. Donations directed towards various non-operating budget accounts totaled $161,895.03.
Some of the larger amounts went to:
New Sign Electronics - $45,000
Next Year Giving - $25,799
Adopt-A-Student - $13,800
Mortgage Principal - $10,720
FTKI (Kisima) - $8,653
Stained Glass Sanctuary Window - $7,100
Comfort Dog - $6,395
Bridge City - $5,675
Endowment Fund - $5,200
4. Outstanding Mortgage on Sanctuary and CMC was reduced by a total of $75,263.05
during 2020. Year-end balance was $664,025.87 .

1. We have 8 people that I can schedule to usher for the early service.
2. We have 8 people that I can schedule to serve to usher for the late service.
3. I can use more folks to help at both early and late services and it becomes more critical when
people leave the area or are no longer able to help.
4. At this point in time, I try not to have people scheduled more than 4 times a quarter.
Jon Randall

Due to the Covid virus, with regret, the Veteran’s breakfast was not held this year.